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The invitation is here ladies! This is a women’s conference like none other! And it’s coming soon and it’s geared just for us, and our unique needs in today’s culture. It is the InCourage 2020 Women’s Gathering, March 13 and 14 at Rolling Hills Church just outside of Portland. Keep reading below for a description of the keynote speakers and topics as well as which of the 40 breakout sessions you can choose to attend. (I will be speaking Friday evening about helping our children heal from trauma and abuse!)

From the conference coordinators: “Join us as we shed our masks and deepen our courage to embrace who God says we are.

In a world full of confusing and destructive messages, it is time to talk about the issues that plague all of us: sexuality, identity, shame, abuse, insecurity, comparison, body image, loneliness and more.

This one-of-a-kind, women’s gathering will explore what it means to be rooted in grace, live loved and love others well. Integrating Biblical, clinical and relational wisdom, we will peel away the masks we try to hide behind and consider how our realities can be transformed as we receive what it means to be loved, known, rooted and ‘in-courage’.”

Check out their website for more details and to sign up:

For right here and right now, though, take a peek at the incredible encouragement being offered these two days. There are also gift bags and lunch for everyone – so sign up soon to get in on these! Also prizes!


Friday Evening Keynote – I am Loved TERRA A. MATTSON, M.A. LMFT, LPC

Friday evening breakout sessions:

1.1 Beautiful Battlefields BO STERN

1.2 Developing Boundaries and Healing Codependency FELICIA WALLBERG, MA

1.3 Why Emotions Matter TRISTEN COLLINS, MA LPC

1.4 Bravery After Betrayal: It Takes Fierce Strength DR. SHERI KEFFER

1.5 Healthy Body Image MARINA MITCHELL

1.6 Hope and Healing in Relationships (Healing From Mother Wounds) JOY ROBERTS

1.7 Helping Our Children with Trauma and Abuse TERESA HEESACKER MASF, MCFC, LPC intern, LMFT intern

1.8 Vulnerability and Millennials: Authentic Relationships in a Lonely World BRITTANY SAWREY

1.9 Let’s Talk about Pelvic Pain & Sexual Health JESSICA DORRINGTON, PT, MPT, OCS, CMPT, PRPC, CSCS

1.10 Mothering Adult Women RHONDA BEGAN (with daughters, Jaelyn Harrel & Lexie Began)

1.11 Sexual Abuse Recovery REBEKAH STINES, MSPC, LPC

1.12 Sexual Intimacy in Marriage DR. DREA OLMSTEAD

1.13 Singleness and Sexuality SARAH PROBST, MA LPC

1.14 The Journey of Shedding Shame and Learning to Live by Grace Alone TERRA A. MATTSON M.A. LMFT, LPC

1.15 Understanding and Healing from Spiritual Abuse CAROLYN LU, LPC, NCC, CADC 1


Saturday Morning Keynote – I am Known KATHY TOWNE

Saturday Morning Breakouts:

2.1 Developing Boundaries and Healing Codependency FELICIA WALLBERG, MA

2.2 Healing For Your Father Wounds DR. MICHELLE WATSON

2.3 The Empowerment Wheel: Saying Goodbye to Crazy DR. SHERI KEFFER

2.4 Honest Parenting: How our Deepest Fears can Unlock our Greatest Strength STEPHANIE PAULSON

2.5 How Knowing God Helps Us Know Who We Are JOCELYN STEIN

2.6 Let’s Talk About Gender Identity & Same Sex Attraction KATHYGRACE DUNCAN

2.7 Mothering Adult Women RHONDA BEGAN (with daughters, Jaelyn Harrel & Lexie Began)


2.9 Raising Your Children with Healthy Sexuality MELINDA ARNOLD

2.10 Sexual Abuse Recovery REBEKAH STINES, MSPC, LPC

2.11 Single & Satisfied: Moving Beyond Mere Contentment to Fullness & Joy ASHLEY BELL

2.12 The Healing Found KATHERINE WOLF

2.13 Understanding and Healing from Spiritual Abuse CAROLYN LU, MA LPC

2.14 Unity through the Power of God’s Love EBONY CLARKE, LCSW

2.15 Wag More, Bark Less: Parenting Littles with Grace KAREN HANSON

2.16 We Need Each Other: Friendship Matters JULIE WIDMAN


Saturday Afternoon Keynotes – I am Rooted TERRA A. MATTSON, M.A. LMFT, LPC

Keynote – I am Courageous KATHERINE WOLF

Saturday afternoon Breakouts:

3.1 Beautiful Battlefields BO STERN

3.2 Being an Agent of Hope AMY WOLFF

3.3 Big Emotions and Children ROSHANA GRILE, MA Child and Family Therapist & SARAH DANGARAN, M.A., LMFT intern

3.4 From Broken Home to a Healing House: One Single Mom’s Journey from Abandoned to Embraced AMY OLIVER

3.5 Healing for Your Father Wounds DR. MICHELLE WATSON

3.6 Remember When Sex Was Safe And Skydiving Was Dangerous? DR. SHERI KEFFER

3.7 Helping Our Teens be Rooted in Identity in Christ SHANNON N FARROUGE, M.A, LPC

3.8 Looking Back: What Matters Most when Raising Daughters KATHY TOWNE (with daughters Bekah McGuire, Carly Mountz, and Kelsey Severson)

3.9 Soul Care in the Midst of Suffering SHERI PHILIPS

3.10 Storytelling and Healing through Art CINDY GEFFEL

3.11 Technology and the Impact on ALL of Us (Kids and Adults, Alike) DR. KRISTIN VALERIUS

3.12 The Heart of Courageous Girls: A Panel Discussion AIMEE ECKLEY, MAT

3.13 Raising Your Children with Healthy Sexuality MELINDA ARNOLD MA, LPC, CST

3.14 What is a Healthy Marriage? DR. MICHELLE ENGBLOM-DEGLMANN

3.15 When Life is Hard JUDY L. GLANZ with her daughter, JULIA GLANZ

3.16 Women and Leadership: Do I Really Belong Here?  CONNIE ARMERDING


Worship and Special Music


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